Before you decide to spend a decent amount of money to upgrade your air handling equipment or add air quality products to your existing equipment…you should know what’s out there.  Were not afraid to discuss our competition.  In fact we want you to make an educated decision.


Let’s start with the perfume.



Most all of you are familiar with fragrance. The preferred method of dispersing fragrance is to install pumps on the supply air ducts and disperse perfume throughout the HVAC system onto the breathing zone of the casino floor. This procedure does a reasonable job of masking the odors. Unfortunately the people selling this product forget to disclose to the casino gaming industry  that their formulas are 80-100% chemicals, some banned by the FDA.  Dispensing perfume full of chemicals into a room full of carcinogens is a class action lawsuit waiting to happen.

You can read about it here.  Toxic Casinos…The Great Cover Up.

Bi Polar Ionization aka uncontrolled ozone:  Plasma Air, Atmos Air, and Aerisa…All this in an effort to deceive the casino industry into thinking they have some type of magic solution to eliminate tobacco smoke and odor.  If you want to use uncontrolled ozone from companies that lie about it this is your best bet.

Bi Polar Ionization exposed.