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Perfuming The Pig…

Somehow the use of scented chemicals that have major health implications associated with them are intentionally being pumped into casinos to mask tobacco smoke odors. Sooner or later their employees will become sick and they will be hit with litigation. The utilization of chemically fragrant products through a casino’s ventilation system is inhumane.

The contents of that bottle – “cedarwood spice” – will make its way through ventilation ducts and into the noses of thousands of gamblers and hotel guests.

If there are offending odors the mitigation of the offending odors should be the first priority not covering them up with additional chemicals.”

National Toxic Encephalopathy Foundation /  Las Vegas, Nevada

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Secret Chemicals:  Laboratory tests commissioned by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics revealed 38 secret chemicals in 17 name brand products, with an average of 14 secret chemicals per product.   The chemicals in commercial fragrances are synthetic compounds derived from petroleum and natural gas, known as petrochemicals. On average, 80% of fragrance formulations are comprised of these chemicals and in some cases, 100% of a formula can be synthetic.


Toxic Casinos…The Great Cover-up.

  • Casino Air technology is a one-time purchase.  Masking Agents are expensive and the cost is perpetual.  
  • Masking agents ADD to the chemical soup in the air, whereas Casino Air technology destroys tobacco odor molecules and reduces the total volatile organic compound (VOC) load by up to 90%.
  • Many of the people who are most sensitized to tobacco odors and VOCs are similarly affected by the chemical compounds in the masking agents, so for many customers the masking agents actually make the problem worse.
  • Employees forced to inhale this toxic air 40 plus hours a week are subject to severe health issues over a prolonged period of time.