The world’s most advanced building management system

Using smart sensors and controls to make casino buildings more healthy, efficient, and comfortable than ever before.

Tired of dealing with an outdated and hard to use building automation system to run your casino?

75F's intelligent, low-cost solution solves comfort and energy issues in a single casino building or across a building portfolio. With a full-stack solution of hardware and software that works out of the box, installation is simple and seamless.

Learn how 75F works with this product overview and start to understand how it can have a significant impact on your building operations.

Building Automation Made Simple

75F’s intelligent, low-cost solution solves comfort and energy issues in your casino and increases your bottom line through easy-to-use technology.

A vertically-integrated suite of wireless sensors, equipment controllers and cloud-based software deliver predictive, proactive building automation from day one.



Web and mobile apps for real-time building intelligence and control.

Central Control Unit

A wireless building management system providing in-depth, real-time insight and control.


All-in-one thermostat and humidistat with 8 on-board sensors for superior IAQ management and hyper-localized temperature control.

Smart Node

Flexible terminal equipment controller with 11 Interface ports for nearly any equipment type or brand.


Integrated wireless devices to monitor and manage your indoor environment.
A Full Stack Casino HVAC Solution

Take control of your building

A smart Building Automation System (BAS) serves as the central intelligence of your building. With full control over your BAS, you gain the power to manage air quality, ensure occupant comfort and well-being, and run an exceptionally efficient casino operation.

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Benefits of a smart building automation system

Reduce costs

Easy retrofit

Save energy

Predictive maintenance

Remote management

Multiple locations

Easy installation

Self optimizing

Other smart building upgrades

Solutions to maximize the energy performance and operational efficiency of your casino.

Indoor Air Quality

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HVAC Motor Retrofits


Air Quality Monitoring


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