HVAC Motor Retrofits

Retrofitting your HVAC motors with Turntide’s Smart Motor System™ can help you significantly reduce your energy use.

40% of energy used in casino buildings is from HVAC equipment.

Optimize your HVAC efficiency and start saving now by simply replacing your outdated motors with smart, more efficient motors.

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Air Handling Units

Reduce HVAC energy usage by an avg of 64%

Turntide Smart Motor System drastically reduces the energy consumption of AHUs with zero compromise to HVAC run conditions: saving energy, money, and the environment.

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Smart Motor System

Learn How a Switched Reluctance Motor Works

See how the Turntide Smart Motor System differs from AC induction motors and permanent magnet motors and why this cloud-connected, software-powered motor, is the next big leap forward in reducing HVAC energy usage.

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Wilko reduced energy usage by 60%

  • 400+ store locations
  • 800 motors replaced
  • 40% total energy savings from motor retrofit
  • 20% additional savings with building automation

Other smart building upgrades

Solutions to maximize the energy performance and operational efficiency of your casino.

Indoor Air Quality

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Building Automation


Air Quality Monitoring


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