Since the founding of our company in 1972, we have constantly
searched for better ways to deliver optimum results for our clients.

We had identified the basic technologies we were going to use and we began doing the research and working with potential manufacturers to adapt these technologies for use in large gaming environments.

Forty seven years, 75,000 pages of research and hundreds of clients later, Casino Air is the leading innovator of tobacco smoke and odor abatement technology in the world. We spend our day engineering solutions to eliminate tobacco smoke and odors in new and existing casino gaming properties.  That is our only focus.

If you use our mechanical design specifications for the casino gaming floor you will save millions of dollars in new construction costs and hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in energy bills.  At the same time, your casino floor will be void of tobacco smoke and odor issues.

In conjunction with integrating our technology, we have gained worldwide recognition for our pioneering efforts in this field and have published two scientific papers on tobacco smoke and odor remediation in gaming environments.

By the late 1970’s, we had established ourselves as the premier indoor air quality expert in the hospitality and recreation industries in the Western United States. We had a large client base of smaller gaming operators such as card rooms and bingo facilities in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska. We were also seeking ways to provide the same service for bigger smoking-related businesses, particularly large casinos. In developing the Casino Air product line, we had three main goals:

The technology has to work better than anything else

The technology has to be invisible to the customers

The technology has to be simple to own and operate