Lower your operational costs and improve profitability.

We retrofit your existing HVAC equipment to improve air quality and make it more energy efficient.

HVAC systems are responsible for 40% of energy consumption in a casino building.

Casinos are wasting a tremendous amount of energy through inefficient and outdated HVAC technology. As a result, they are paying substantial sums to their energy providers every month. It's time to take control of these expenses and retain more profits in-house.

Sustainable IAQ

Healthy indoor air leads to Energy Savings

Our approach is to first, clean and purify the air inside your casino. This allows you to maximize the recirculation of conditioned air while still achieving optimal air quality for occupants. Clean air has a direct and positive impact on energy savings.

Casino Air HVAC Solutions help you

Improve Air Quality

Clean and purify your air creating a safe and healthy environment for occupants

Optimize HVAC Operations

Lower energy and maintenance costs while extending the life of your equipment

Improve Occupant Comfort

Improve the guest experience and attract new customers

What we do

HVAC solutions to maximize the energy performance and operational efficiency of your casino.

Indoor Air Quality

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Building Automation


HVAC Motor Retrofits


Air Quality Monitoring


A Full-Stack HVAC Solution

Smart BAS. Air quality. Efficient operations. Occupant comfort.

Air Filtration

Equip your air handlers with MERV 14 filtration to ensure the capture of tobacco smoke and other dangerous particulate matter.

Air Purification

Install an active technology that will seek out and destroy tobacco odors and VOCs on the gaming floor.

Destroy Odors

Get rid of tobacco odors at the source.

Outside Air Optimization

Ventilate casino when CO2, VOCs, or PM2.5 levels are high with demand controlled ventilation.

IAQ Monitoring

Get insights and track air quality data that is vital to occupant health and comfort.

HVAC Motor Retrofit

Optimize your HVAC efficiency and start saving now by simply replacing your outdated motors with smart, more efficient motors.

Working with us will result in

Immediate ROI

Control of HVAC

Business Resiliance

Take the next step and improve the profitability of your casino.


Implement our Clean Air Plan

Our 4-step Clean Air Plan improves your air quality and gives you control of your guest experience.

Optimize HVAC operations

By upgrading legacy HVAC systems with intelligent, connected devices, you will reduce your energy consumption and be in complete control of your building.

Improve Profitability

Reduce your energy consumption by up to 60% and increase gaming revenue by providing a clean, healthy, environment for your customers and staff. Be proud knowing you deserve every penny and you've had a positive impact on the environment.

Ready to maximize the performance of your casino?

Clean air is good for business.

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