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Housekeeping Portable Molecular Oxidizer

There is nothing worse than entering a non-smoking room after check out only to find out that the occupant(s) used tobacco products in the room throughout their stay. The odor clings to fabrics, fixtures, and furnishings. It can take forever to get rid of, and then only temporarily. The problem is magnified in the designated smoking rooms where virtually every occupant is a smoker. The increased acceptance of smoking marijuana has intensified the problem creating significant odors and particulate pollution.


Enter the Casino Air 5000 Portable Molecular Oxidizer.



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The CA5000 destroys all odors including tobacco, perfumes, colognes, pet odor, body odor, and other human emissions. It will remove existing odors that are buried in the carpets and fabrics and have been since the last remodel. It will instantly remove the live odor load created by current occupants of the room.
This high volume portable oxidizer weighs only 14 pounds yet it produces five grams per hour of ozone and is designed to deodorize the typical 500 square foot hotel/motel room in 15 minutes or less.
The speed and versatility of the CA5000 allows you to clean every smoking room on a daily basis even if the occupants are staying over. Stay over rooms can be totally cleaned in 15 minutes or less.
How many times have you had to issue smoking rooms to non-smoking guests because all the non-smoking rooms were filled? With the speed of the CA5000 you can treat every room daily if necessary allowing non-smokers to occupy smoking rooms without any clue that the room has been smoked in. (less any cigarette burns of course)


Destroy Covid19 and other forms of Virus and Bacteria

•Improve your guest experience by eliminating the complaints about bad smelling rooms.

•Prolong the life of your fabrics, furnishings, and fixtures.

•Eliminate mold and mildew odors created by humidity and lack of air circulation.

•Eliminate the bad reviews from Trip Advisor and other internet sites that allow your customers the opportunity to complain about the smoke and odor issues in guest rooms. 

•Treat the hallways and corridors of your smoking floors to eliminate tobacco and marijuana odors.