1383201_10151932890028605_1476119230_nWinStar World Casino is the largest casino in the world with 560,000 square feet of casino floor, 8,100 electronic games, 99 table games, and a 55 table poker room. At the owner’s request, Casino Air engineers worked closely with the architect and the mechanical engineers to incorporate our HVAC design into all venues where smoking is allowed. In the process, we saved our client millions of dollars in initial construction costs.  We have partnered with this client since 2004 and have been involved in the design and engineering to remediate  tobacco smoke and odor at all 17 of their properties .


“Over the course of time the Chickasaw Nation had tried everything to get rid of tobacco smoke and odor” stated Gordon Sjodin, Project Manager for new construction. “We even tried dumping perfume in the ducts and that was a total disaster. Casino Air solved the problem from the moment they engineered our first system and we have never looked back. The return on investment has been exceptional. We are able to re-circulate 50-75% of the conditioned air from the casino floor. This reduces our energy costs several million dollars a year compared to the 100% outside air design offered by other companies.”