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JAM_6555lcropWhy Our Odor Control Technology Works…


Before addressing the superior performance of injected ozone at controlling tobacco odors and VOCs, it’s first necessary to evaluate and compare existing technology. The conventional approach utilizing ventilation rates at or above ASHRAE’s 30 CFM per occupant standard works well on particulate matter as long as the return air is ducted into the space being treated. Dilution is far less effective with the gases and VOCs than it is with visible smoke because, simply, gas molecules are vastly smaller than dust particles and behave differently. They don’t “cooperate” with airflow as well as visible smoke does.

The gas/VOC load in casinos takes two forms: 1) the live load generated by the dynamic occupancy within the casino… 2) “empty odor” which results from the adsorption/off-gassing cycle of the finish surfaces. These surfaces adsorb tobacco odors and VOCs during peak occupancy periods, and release them into the casino atmosphere during times of low occupancy.  Over time, the threshold odor-VOC level at equilibrium rises. This is why casinos smell like tobacco smoke even when they’re empty, with the strength of the empty odor rising in step with the age of the casino.

Dilution to ASHRAE’s standard, combined with the airflow patterns discussed below, can lessen the dynamic odor/VOC load during all but high occupancy periods and slow the rate at which the empty odor equilibrium level rises. Nevertheless, the casino still smells heavily of smoke during high occupancy periods, and the empty odor still increases over time, even though at a somewhat slower rate.

Over the past 45 years we have perfected an old technology with great success in the gaming environment. Casino Air Molecular Oxidizers for the purposes of eliminating gases, odors and VOCs in gaming establishments, ozone has numerous beneficial properties:

  • It oxidizes almost every VOC it contacts, reducing odor molecules and VOCs by 90 percent or more and converting the vast majority of them to harmless oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor. The odor compounds that most people associate with tobacco odor are relatively simple molecules with weak bonds, which ozone destroys instantly on contact.
  • Ozone is the only way to overcome the “empty odor” effect. During low-occupancy periods, the ozone oxidizes the odors that are embedded into the finish surfaces. Over time, it completely removes the embedded odors.
  • Ozone sterilizes air handlers, cooling coils, heat exchangers, ductwork and other areas where Legionella and other bacteria and viruses thrive, also reducing the frequency of duct cleaning.
  • It is introduced into the ventilated space through the supply ducts, so it is equally distributed throughout the space and “seeks out” odors and VOCs everywhere, rather than working on only those pollutants which are drawn through it like carbon and other sorbent filtration media.
  • Operating expense is minimal. There is no adsorbent media to replenish, no filters to replace. The generators require only semi-annual maintenance and last for many years.
  • If ozone finds nothing to oxidize, it reverts back into oxygen within 15 to 20 minutes. No accumulation occurs in the air; no toxic or hazardous residue is left to clean up or be disposed.

Casino Air has engineered its ozone technology to be triple fail-safe. Each and every molecular oxidizer in our systems has an on-board microprocessor and sensor which ensures that indoor air quality is optimized with totally safe levels of ozone. Casino Air programs its microprocessor to shut the ozone generator off at 50 ppb. Monitor or sensor failure also terminates ozone generation.  The Food and Drug Administration sets its standard for 7-day, 24-hour continuous exposure at 50 ppb. Typical levels inside a casino when the Casino Air system is in use are in the 10-20 ppb range, almost always lower than the atmospheric ozone level outside.

Why our systems works…

  • It is the most effective way to eliminate tobacco smoke odors, gases, carcinogens, and VOCs in businesses which cater to smokers, as well as to remove the odors which permeate finish surfaces inside the occupied space over time.
  • It is the only way to reduce and, over time, eliminate the “empty odor” created by odors and gases being absorbed into, and off-gassed from, the finish surfaces in casinos.
  • It is the least expensive method to purchase, operate and maintain.
  • It offers additional benefits such as sterilization of ductwork and condensate drip pans that no other technology provides.