Casino Air vs. 100% Outside Air

“The return on investment has been exceptional. We are able to re-circulate 50-75% of the conditioned air from the casino floor. This reduces our energy costs several million dollars a year compared to the 100% outside air design offered by other companies.”

Gordon Sjodin, Chickasaw Nation

Energy Recovery Wheels

Get us involved in the mechanical design process

  • Fix the 100% Outside Air Design discussed above
  • Create a casino floor totally void of tobacco smoke and odor
  • Re-circulate 50% or more of the conditioned air and enjoy hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy savings
  • Prolong the life of your chillers and rooftop air handlers by reducing run time
  • Increase gaming revenue
  • Increase employee productivity

Ready to clear the air?

Clean air is good for business.

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