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Casino Air Filter Enhancers

The Casino Air 9000 Filter Enhancer conveys a powerful energy charge to the air stream. This significantly increases the ability of existing HVAC filters to remove tar, nicotine, paper ash and other microscopic particulates.
Simply install the Casino Air 9000 in front of the prefilters of any commercial HVAC system. The electronic charge of the Enhancer greatly increases the collection capability of the filters downstream, regardless of their design. Conventional three-ply polyester pads will produce the best results, but this technology works with all types of filters.
The process is electrophoretic in nature and is remarkably effective at removing the most irritating and harmful particles from the air: smoke, dust, pollens, mold spores, viruses and chemical particulates.  The Filter Enhancer is fully patented, incredibly simple to install, requires almost no maintenance, and uses less than 2 watts of power.


  • Patented revolutionary electronic technology
  • Significantly enhances small particle filtration efficiency of all conventional filters
  • Virtually maintenance-free… just wipe off during normally scheduled filter changes
  • Universally adaptable to all sizes & types of commercial HVAC systems
  • Increases HVAC equipment life and energy efficiency
  • Low power consumption (24v A.C. @.05 amp)
  • Underwriters Laboratory and Canadian Standard Association Approved

Product Resources

Specification Sheet PDFEnhancer-Specification-SheetEnhancer-Specification-Sheet