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Eliminate Tobacco Odors in Your Casino Permanently

The Only Gaming Industry Solution with a Clean Air Guarantee

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We know what doesn’t work

For 30 years, we’ve tried everything from scent to bi-polar ionization and even 100% outside air which all never solved the problem.

Challenges Our Clients Faced

Guest Complaints

Smoke and odor hurt guest satisfaction.

Staff Health Issues

Poor air quality impacts health and morale.

High Costs

Inefficient systems increase expenses.

Our Proven Solution

Expertise + technology that permanently eliminates smoke & odors in your casino.

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Why Our Customers Love Us

  • Eliminate Smoke and Odor: Permanent solution.
  • Happy Guests: Guests stay longer and return.
  • Energy Savings: Substantial reduction in costs.
  • Healthy Staff: Improved health and attendance.
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Customer Testimonials

“Positive reviews from guests and employees. A great addition to our business.”

Jace BaldosserBlue Lake Casino

“Our negative reviews dropped by over 90%, and the casino floor and hotel lobby have taken on a whole new personality.”

Ben DonnelanTreasure Island Casino

“You cannot smell the smoke on the casino floor anymore. Love the new system. The old one never took the smoke out.”

Ty S. from Coos Bay, ORThree Rivers Casino Resort


More Gaming Time:

Guests stay longer and spend more.

Lower Energy Costs:

Reduced ventilation requirements.

Better Reviews:

Positive guest feedback.

Healthier Staff:

Reduced absenteeism and better morale.

How It Works


Assess your needs.


Custom Design:

Tailored air purification system.



Integrates with existing HVAC equipment.



Ongoing monitoring and maintenance with our Clean Air Guarantee.


Why Others Fail

Traditional HVAC systems can’t handle smoke. Scent and ionization don’t work on tobacco odors. We provide a unique, effective, and reliable approach.

No Safe Level of Secondhand Smoke

All HVAC systems are designed for zero smoking, which is why the industry has struggled to solve this problem.

Our Business Model

Our business model is frictionless, with minimal upfront costs and no long-term contracts, along with our Clean Air Guarantee that we will stand behind as long as you are our customer.

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