♠ Most casino operators don’t realize the amount of paper ash, tar, nicotine, and carcinogens that are emitted into the breathing zone from a single burning cigarette. ♠

  • Imagine the thousands of cigarettes smoked daily on your casino floor then ask yourself where does all of this ash, smoke, tar, and nicotine end up?  It ends up in the breathing zone, in the gaming equipment, and embedded in the fixtures and furnishings.  It ends up in the lungs of customers and employees.  It ends up on their clothes, in their eyes, up their nose, and nesting in their hair.

  • If you are like most casino gaming operations, a sizable amount of it gets sucked up into your return air ducts, passes virtually untouched through your existing filter banks, and ends up back onto the casino floor.  As the night goes on, the air gets thicker and thicker as these recirculated pollutants build up to the point where visible smoke is present on the casino floor.  As your property ages, the problem intensifies to a point where your casino floor stinks even when the casino is empty.

  • If you are running 100% exhaust your cost to heat and cool the casino floor can be hundreds of thousands of dollars a year higher than a normal recirculating system and you still haven’t solved the tobacco smoke and odor problems.  Implementing Casino Air technology will allow you to re-circulate up to 50% of the conditioned air you are currently exhausting outside the building and the smoke and odor issues will disappear.  Read more about it here.