Most casinos are losing revenue because they struggle to control tobacco smoke on their gaming floor.

Implement our 4-step Clean Air Plan to improve your air quality and take control of your guest experience.

Poor air quality from cigarette smoke is significantly impacting your gaming revenue.

Guests irritated by smoke will...

Write a negative review and tell their friends

Leave the gaming floor early, lowering average spend

Spend their money at another casino

Not being in control over your guest experience is extremely frustrating. We don’t want that for you. Casino Air has given hundreds of casino operators a plan to take back control of their gaming floor. Our plan will work for you too.

How does our Clean Air Plan work?

Your air handlers are the lungs of your building, constantly moving air in and out of the casino.
We outfit the air handlers with the proper tools so they can deliver clean air.

Install an active technology that will seek out and destroy tobacco odors on the gaming floor.


Equip your air handlers with adequate filtration to ensure the capture of tobacco smoke particulate.


Implement demand controlled ventilation to ensure adequate dilution of pollutants and maximize energy savings.


Integrate indoor air quality monitors to track data vital to occupant health and put your air on autopilot.


When you optimize the four key parts of the Clean Air Plan, you’ll not only
get rid of tobacco smoke complaints – you’ll revitalize
your casino floor.

“Once we installed the Casino Air system, our negative reviews dropped by over 90%, and the casino floor and hotel lobby have taken on a whole new personality. Our air quality now rivals any on the strip.”

Ben Donnellan | Treasure Island Casino, Las Vegas

Take control of tobacco smoke in three steps


During this initial call, our team will get an understanding of your air quality challenges and your existing HVAC equipment.


Our in house air quality specialist will engineer a customized solution that will meet and exceed your needs.


Sit back and watch clean, fresh air, constantly delivered to your casino floor with your IAQ on auto pilot.

In addition to clean air, you will also enjoy significant energy savings and improved occupant well-being.

Lower energy costs

Improve and automate HVAC performance

Casino buildings use approximately 40% of their energy on HVAC. Inefficient ventilation is often the leading cause for excessive energy use.

  • Maximize ventilation efficiency
  • Lower energy costs
  • Optimize building performance

“The return on investment has been exceptional. We are able to re-circulate 50-75% of the conditioned air from the casino floor. This reduces our energy costs several million dollars a year compared to the 100% outside air design offered by other companies.”

Gordon Sjodin | Chickasaw Nation
Improve occupant well-being

Create a safe and comfortable environment for your employees

Staff working in a casino are exposed to a variety of air pollutants that significantly affect their health.

  • Increase employee performance
  • Attract and retain top talent
  • Reduce complaints and sick days

Paradise Casino in Yuma, AZ knew their employees were suffering from exposure to secondhand smoke and decided that clean air was a valuable employee benefit.
They reported a 50% reduction in employee absenteeism in the first year as a Casino Air customer.

Paradise Casino | Yuma, AZ

Indoor air quality products

Capture smoke, airborne particles, pollen, fungi, virus, bacteria.

Destroy odors, perfume, thirdhand smoke, embedded odors, building material emissions.

Track air quality data vital to occupant health and automate your IAQ.

Frequently asked questions

What does a "Sustainable IAQ Strategy" mean?

The standard approach for better air quality consists of the dilution of pollutants with as much outside air as possible. This is done through your existing HVAC system which can be very energy intensive.

Our approach is to clean and purify the air inside your casino. This allows you to maximize the recirculation of conditioned air while still achieving optimal air quality for occupants. Demand controlled ventilation dramatically reduces energy consumption and lowers the carbon footprint of the building. Clean air has a direct and positive impact on a sustainable future.

Does it apply to smoking and non-smoking casinos?

Yes! Non-smoking casinos are filled with many pollutants that need adequate filtration and purification. The same “Sustainable IAQ Strategy” applies to all buildings. Casinos that allow smoking are dealing with the addition of a very toxic and invasive pollutant. The approach is still the same but a greater sense of urgency is required to provide a cleaner, safer environment for occupants.

What is Demand Controlled Ventilation?

Demand-controlled ventilation (DCV) is an energy-saving control strategy that regulates the rate at which outdoor air is delivered to a zone based on air-pollutant sensors or occupancy sensors.

What is IAQ Monitoring?

Indoor air quality monitoring is the process of gathering continuous data on the particles, gasses, and chemicals present in your air. The goal of collecting this data is to identify trends, spot problem areas, and make adjustments accordingly.

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