Technology for Sustainable Casino Operations

We retrofit your existing HVAC equipment with best in class software to make it smarter and more energy efficient.

HVAC systems are responsible for 40% of energy consumption in a casino building.

By upgrading legacy HVAC systems with intelligent, connected devices, you can reduce energy consumption by an average of 60%. You immediately start saving money on day one.

What we do

Solutions to maximize the energy performance and operational efficiency of your casino.

Indoor Air Quality

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Building Automation


HVAC Motor Retrofits


Air Quality Monitoring

Sustainable Casino Operations

In the past, sustainability required a trade off with cost

Experience the effortless installation and rapid return on investment made possible by cutting-edge technology available today.

Quick ROI

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Business Resiliance

Technology Partners

We have partnered with the most innovative companies leading the way to net zero.

Ready to maximize the performance of your casino?

Clean air is good for business.

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