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Casino Air Molecular Oxidizers Destroy COVID-19 and Eliminate tobacco Odor

The molecular oxidizers use a patented Singlet PentaRod Core design, a unique ‘double-dielectric-barrier micro-discharge’ technology, to create activated oxygen. The activated oxygen is injected into the HVAC system and circulated through the supply air ductwork and grilles eventually reaching every surface in the treated area.

Activated oxygen instantly oxidizes and destroys COVID and other viruses, totally eliminates tobacco odors and chemicals in the ventilated space. Over time,  the activated oxygen oxidizes and eliminates the embedded viruses and odors which accumulate in and on the surfaces of the treated areas.

The CA7000 Electronic Air Cleaner Captures COVID-19 and Removes the Smoke particulate

Effectively traps airborne particles as small as .007 microns. Typical passive (non-powered) filters are not effective below .03 microns. Traps COVID viruses, bacteria, tar, nicotine and paper-ash that flows right through typical MERV 8 filters used in most commercial gaming applications.

Low Pressure Drop = Lower Operating Costs

Available in all configurations to suit your specific application requirements. Tandem power source allows banking multiple filters from a single transformer. ASHRAE certified wind tunnel tested to perform at MERV 14-16 in a V-bank configuration with a face velocity of 500 fpm. LEED Compliant: The MERV rating coupled with the use of recyclable materials make it an ideal filtration choice.

The CA111 Self-Contained Media Air Cleaner Captures COVID-19 & Removes Tobacco Smoke and Odor

Self-contained media air cleaning modules (CA111) utilize various stages of particulate and odor removal filtration for use in smaller areas where air stagnates to improve airflow and remove visible smoke.

Designed specifically to remove pathogens, capture viruses, and control tobacco smoke and odor.

The media filtration removes 100% of the Covid virus and tar, nicotine and paper-ash on first pass.

Optional charcoal modules with a mixture of pure carbon will absorb all tobacco odors and VOC’s in smoking areas where molecular oxidizers are not supplied.

Research Shows Activated Oxygen Destroys Viruses

Activated Oxygen vs. Corona Virus, Activated Oxygen as a virucidal disinfectant

Depending on the virus targeted, concentration and exposure time varies. Considering the structure of SARS-CoV-2, and how like viruses respond to ozone exposure, it is estimated that as little as 0.05 ppm concentration for a matter of seconds is sufficient to achieve as much as 4 logs disinfection (99.99%).

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P3 Laboratory - Activated Oxygen Kills SARS Virus

Activated Oxygen: A powerful weapon to combat COVID-19 outbreak.

According to results of the experiment on how activated oxygen kills SARS virus conducted by the national P3 laboratory headed by Professor Li Zelin, activated oxygen is effective in killing the SARS virus inoculated on green monkey kidney cells, realizing a killing rate of 99.22%. The virus found in Wuhan and SARS virus both belong to the coronavirus. Researchers found that the novel coronavirus is 80% similar to the SARS virus in their genome sequences. It is reasonable to predict that ozone is equally effective in preventing and controlling the new coronavirus.

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Journal of Natural Science, Biology and Medicine - Activated Oxygen (O3) is a Natural Sanitizer

Activated Oxygen (O3) is a naturally occurring sanitizer and has been used in cleaning for over 150 years. You know that smell after a summer rainstorm? That is actually the smell of activated oxygen, as it is generated when lightning strikes. Activated oxygen is created when three oxygen molecules bind together.

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The Journal of Natural Science, Biology and Medicine - Activated Oxygen is Proven Safe

Activated oxygen therapy has been utilized and heavily studied for more than a century. Its effects are proven, consistent, safe, and with minimal and preventable side effects. Medical O3 is used to disinfect and treat disease by inactivation of bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast and protozoa, stimulation of oxygen metabolism, activation of the immune system.

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PRP Channel: Activated Oxygen is expected to Defeat Corona Virus

O3 is expected to be adopted as a weapon in the global fight against the Covid-19 virus. Activated Oxygen is highly effective for sanitation because it is able to reach every corner of the environment where it is spread and attacks all types of viruses and bacteria. Furthermore, unlike chemical disinfectants, it does not leave harmful residues and can be produced locally through machinery of different sizes depending on the volume of the environments to be treated.

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