Casino Air 7000 Electronic Air Filter


  • Effectively traps airborne particles as small as .007 microns in size. Passive (non-powered) filters typically are not effective below .3 microns.
  • Traps tar, nicotine, and paper ash that normally flows right through the typical MERV 8 filters used in most casino gaming applications.
  • Replace your carpets, furniture, and fixtures less often. Lower fixed asset replacement costs.
  • Low pressure drop. Lower operating costs.
  • Available in all configurations to suit various application requirements.
  • Tandem power source (standard) allows banking multiple filters from a single power source.
  • Filter has been tested in an ASHRAE certified wind tunnel to perform at a MERV 14-16 level in a v-bank configuration with a face velocity of 500 fpm
  • LEED compliant. The MERV rating coupled with the use of recyclable materials make it an ideal choice.


The CA7000 Commercial Air Filter is excellent at removing tobacco particulate from the air. It uses electronic polarization to trap airborne contaminants like tar, nicotine, paper ash and other microscopic particles that normally pass through non-electronic filters. The CA7000 is twice as effective as a HEPA filter at .007 microns and up to 45 times as effective as most pleated filters.
The CA7000 has low static pressure drop, significantly better than most throwaway filters. Air flows more easily through it, reducing operating costs by up to 15%. Low air resistance coupled with low power consumption means energy consumed within the HVAC system is up to 15% less than with many competitive filters. In a large commercial building, the savings can be considerable.
In addition to the MERV 14-16 rating, the CA7000 has several other features which add to it’s compliance rating. Plastic components are partially made of recycled materials. The plastic and metal components of the filter can be recycled and the glass fiber pads can be recycled as post consumer waste glass.