Tobacco Smoke and Odor Remediation

Most casinos really struggle with controlling cigarette odors and haze that smokers generate on the gaming floor.

Air Quality inside a casino is extremely unhealthy

Particulate Matter

Cigarette ash, tar, nicotine, dust, mold spores.

VOCs & Odors

Perfume, smoke, cleaning chemicals, body odor, paints & finishes.

Biological Contaminants

Covid-19, viruses, mold, bacteria.

How does poor IAQ affect a casino?

Customer Complaints

Tobacco smoke and odor is the number one source of customer dissatisfaction for casinos.

Occupant Health

Secondhand smoke increases the risk of cancer for non-smoking guests and staff.

Lost Revenue

Poor IAQ increases fatigue & lethargy causing guests to leave early and spend less money.

Energy Efficiency

Your equipment has to work harder due to cigarette smoke, tar, and nicotine exposure.

We Can Help

Indoor Air Quality has never been more important than it is now.

We are a company who is exclusively focused on improving the air quality in casino gaming applications. Over the past fifty years we have helped thousands of commercial properties overcome their indoor air quality challenges. We understand every situation is unique and we look forward to creating a customized solution for your specific needs.

Make a Difference

Show your customers and staff you care about their well-being.

As a casino operator, it is your responsibility to provide a healthy and safe environment for your customers and staff.

Sustainable IAQ Strategy

Never worry about your air quality again!

Capture cigarette smoke, airborne particles, pollen, fungi, virus, bacteria. 


Destroy tobacco odors, perfume, building material emissions, thirdhand smoke, embedded odors.


Reduce concentrations of contaminants and optimize for low energy consumption.


Track air quality data vital to occupant health, validate system efficiency.

Clean air is just three steps away

1. Schedule a call

During this initial call, our team will get an understanding of your air quality challenges

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2. Get your custom solution

Our in house air quality specialist will develop, implement, and monitor your complete solution

3. Enjoy clean air

Enjoy clean air and energy savings, while our team ensures you never have to worry about air quality again

Casino Air is the leading innovator of tobacco smoke and odor abatement technology in the world. 


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